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OCA Membership Levels

  • Professional Membership: Intended for individuals working as professionals counselors, supervisors or counselor educators.

  • New Professional Membership: Intended for individuals who are working as professional counselors and who are within the first two years of professional licensure / post-graduation.

  • Student Membership: Intended for graduate students currently enrolled in a counselor education program.

  • Retired Membership: Intended for counselor or other related professionals who are currently retired and not actively working in the profession.

  • Associate Membership: Intended for individuals with a vested interest in the counseling profession but do not work as a counselor, supervisor or counselor educator.

  • Lifetime Membership: Intended for a professional who wishes to purchase a lifetime membership, not requiring them to renew on a yearly basis. Cannot join/renew OCA Division memberships at this level.


The Eastern Ohio Counseling Association (EOCA) is the local arm of the Ohio Counseling Association (OCA). To join EOCA you must first join OCA and indicate when you register that your local branch is EOCA. EOCA is one of seven divisions of the Ohio Counseling Association Are you a Counselor whose county is served by EOCA? Consider joining us! 

Benefits of becoming an EOCA member:

•    Discounted professional development opportunities
•    Scholarship opportunities for advocacy and conference events
•    A yearly self-care workshop for counselors
•    Networking and service opportunities