Eastern Ohio Counseling Association

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Our Mission

EOCA aims to support and advocate for Professional Counselors in Northeast Ohio.


Our Values

E: Encourage growth and sense of community

O: Opportunities for self-care and professional development

C: Collaboration and support for members

A: Advocacy for the Counseling Profession


Our Vision

We strive to cultivate a community of highly skilled Professional Counselors in Northeast Ohio.


About EOCA

Current Board Members

EOCA Executive Board

Past President | Dr. Kristin Bruns | kbruns@ysu.edu

President | Angela Cameron | amcameron@ysu.edu

President-Elect | Sherdene Simpson | relationshipenrichment1@gmail.com

Secretary | Karen Palmer | kari2_2008@yahoo.com

Treasurer | Brian Beck | brianbeck712@gmail.com

Additional Board Members

Membership Committee Chair | Natalie Riccuti | nricciut@kent.edu

Events Chair | Christy McAllister | camcallister@student.ysu.edu

Scholarship Chair | Kimberlee Barrella | kbarrel1@kent.edu 

Social Media/Marketing Chair | Logan Swartz | lcswartz@student.ysu.edu 

Professional Development Co-Chair | Kelsey DeMart | kmdemart@student.ysu.edu

Professional Development Co-Chair | Olivia Smith | olsmith@student.ysu.edu

Kent State University Representative | Mustafa Aydogan | maydogan@kent.edu

Webmaster | Chelsea Koteles | cmkoteles@student.ysu.edu


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